#1 Simulation von SUPERSPIN 29.04.2008 21:51

Hello i'am wondering if anyone knows blender python scripting,the reason is that I'm making a simulation of techno powerand maby a few others

#2 RE: Simulation von Cityrave 30.04.2008 08:33


What are you want to say to us ?
If you scripting Rides and you want to post pictures of them ?


#3 RE: Simulation von dennis 30.04.2008 17:45

I know it.
I love Techno power, so i want help you, but with blender its a *no go*!
My meaning is that this programm sucks totaly, i cant work with it... ! lol

So, good Luck!
I hope you can do this!

Greetz Dennis


#4 RE: Simulation von Breaker000 30.04.2008 19:04

Yeah that's cool.I am but not i cogent.
or have you a channel that good is ?
Never mind! I hope you make it !

MFG. Breaker000 ( Germany )

#5 RE: Simulation von eXtreme 30.04.2008 20:54

Sorry for hijacking your thread Superspin.....

Just a couple of questions..

1.) On a scale of 1 - 10 (1 being easiest, 10 hardest) how difficult is it to create and animate rides using software such as 3d studio max, blender python, etc. ? Also, what is the easiest and most "user friendly" software to use?

2.) Are there any free online step by step manuals showing you how to use this software?

(Bear in mind I have ZERO knowledge of creating scripts and using software such as 3D Studio Max!!!)

Depending on how much spare time I have over the next couple of weeks, I am going to have a go designing some rides that should not be *too* complex to create (I.e. Waltzer and Eyerly Spider)

#6 RE: Simulation von SUPERSPIN 30.04.2008 21:49

there are aload of manuels availible i will be able to script for you if you make ranger to start of with.Im only new but you could do the modeling and then i could import it to blender then script them or animate if you would like that

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